Day 11: Anytime Fitness

One week has passed since I last lifted weights. It doesn't seem like much time, but it has felt like a millennium and then some. During 2015, besides an intentional one week rest in late March, I have yet to miss a scheduled day at the gym. Safe to say that the past week has been a lifestyle adjustment. I'm currently in the process of losing weight; sitting at about 167 lbs. after finishing my bulk at 180 lbs. on March 24th. So about 13 pounds down in 9 weeks which, after you account for the beginning water weight loss, is pretty on target with 1 pound a week weight loss. But I definitely feel tiny. It blows my mind that I was 155 lbs. in September.

I plan to race somewhere between 165-170, hopefully towards the 170 side. With increased mileage, Ramadan, and a heavy work schedule, it will be difficult to get in all the calories I need, but definitely doable.

Because I operate on such a different schedule relative to the 9-5ers here in Richmond (I wake up at 4:30), I need access to a 24/7 gym so that I could get in my lifting at the most convenient time - to me. I searched around and found one close to my office called Anytime Fitness. It isn't the biggest, it isn't the best, and they don't have cardio bunnies, but it is open 24/7 which is necessary during Ramadan's 2am workouts.



(Pretty cool logo if you ask me)

Today I took it extremely light and just went through the motions. I'll be increasing the weight and intensity more this week, but I want to focus more on flexibility and increasing my mobility.

Starting next week I will probably hop back on StrongLifts 5x5. The routine is strength based and has a heavy emphasis on squats which will aid in my running. I ran it back from early October to late February and saw great strength gains across the board. I'll be supplementing accessories such as dips and pull-ups so that I don't go complete T-Rex mode.

The grind continues.