Day 4: It is HOT!

May 20 - Day 4 Jolly to all! Tis the season!

I'm not pulling a Christmas in May, but finals are over and the academic year has finally come to a close!! (Until August)

Driving the 8+ hours to Richmond from Cornell, you have a lot of free time. A LOT of free time. With each mile marker that I drove past, I mentally visualized myself running along the highway and passing the mile markers as well. All 26 of them. This isn't going to be easy.

But then again, why would I do this if it was easy? If everyone did it, would it really be an accomplishment?

Today, I continued my conditioning with a morning 5K. Not pushing myself TOO much, but moving the pace a bit. image Not my best 5K time, but I'm content - For now. I should be aiming for a 6:xx average if I'm being serious.

One difference I immediately noticed is how HOT it is here versus Ithaca. Running here is no joke! It was getting hard to breathe at about 2 miles from the weight of water on my shirt! No joke. I will take a before and after picture next time.

Maybe the heat is a sign to lose a few pounds and go shirtless or maybe it is a friendly reminder that it could be worse.

*Que flashbacks of my few jogs through the streets of Sudan*

Either way, I might have to start going earlier, because it is steamingly HOT!