Day 7: The Sweaty Chronicles

May 23 - Day 7 The heat wave continues across Richmond. The weather forecast for the upcoming week is steadily in the 90s and humid. A tad bit different than my experiences in Ithaca.

I decided to go on a 4 mile jog this afternoon (averaged 8:03 per mile) and as promised, I took before and after pictures of my shirt.


That's not photo manipulation, that's just hard work.

I naturally sweat a lot, but my shirt gets pretty heavy during runs and it makes it harder to breath. I'm hoping that the Team Shoe4Africa tech shirt I'll be wearing on race day will help alleviate this problem. I also doubt it will be 90+ in NYC on November 1.

In the mean time I guess I will just run shirtless and see where it goes. Hopefully I don't cause too many accidents, I know if I was driving I'd close my eyes in horror too.