60+ Things To Do on Your Day Off

Days off are interesting. No obligations, no commitments, and – no progress? The 3-day weekend is easily one of the saddest sources of happiness in American workers. Misguided from the fatigue of working 50+ hour weeks in an unfulfilling workplace, many people see it as a beacon of hope. The gut feeling of opportunity. The chance to finally get something done. But what?

Don’t get caught in the habit of wishing for more free time and then not using it wisely. This list of 60+ activities is a brainstorming center of creative and productive things to do. Don’t wish that your productivity will magically quadruple over the long weekend, make it happen!


  • Break down your finances and create a working budget
  • Map out an idea to make $100 – then do it!
  • Call your phone/internet/cable provider and negotiate a lower rate
  • Purchase a piggy bank and put in one dollar a day
  • Learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs
  • Open an account with a broker such as Vanguard



  • Buy art supplies and go paint
  • Bust out the old polaroid and take some pictures
  • Craft a vision board with all the different aspects of your health represented
  • Learn to Salsa and jam to some Celia Cruz
  • Write a completely fictional short story


  • Have a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger
  • Go to an event on MeetUp.com
  • Reconnect with a friend over a cup of coffee
  • Organize a potluck dinner at your home
  • Send out hand-written cards to loved ones
  • Start grilling and let the aroma bring people to you!


  • Get in a nice workout at the gym
  • Go for that jog you’ve been planning for 3 months
  • Drop by a Yoga class
  • Take a mid-day nap!
  • Enroll in a cardio kickboxing course
  • Learn how to properly weight train


  • Update your resume
  • Find your worth by applying for jobs
  • Connect with a professional in your field 10 years your senior
  • Find groups for professionals in your area
  • Join the local chamber of commerce
  • Take the StrengthFinders 2.0


  • Attend a religious service at a new location
  • Go on a completely disconnected walk (no music, no phone, nothing!)
  • Contemplate your place and purpose
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Spend the night outside with nature
  • Read spiritual texts such as Siddhartha

Home Life

  • Study feng shui and rearrange your home
  • Do a thorough spring cleaning
  • Mow the lawn
  • Restock that pantry
  • Do your 3 weeks old laundry!
  • Embrace your inner-green thumb and create a home garden


  • Create a journal of your daily activities and gratuities
  • Write out a list of all your fears
  • Devise a way to slowly overcome those fears
  • Get lost in a new part of town
  • Skip the take-out and make a Gordon Ramsay worthy meal!
  • Go to your dentist
  • Organize and minimalize your best friend – your phone


  • Make a kite and fly it!
  • Invest in one of your hobbies
  • Watch a new movie at the local theatre
  • Stop by the local museum
  • Set camp in a local used bookstore
  • Complete a DIY project
  • Go bungee-jumping
  • Take a trip to the forest trails