Day 17: Consistency

Day 17: June 2 So I haven't been completely honest with you guys lately. No I'm not blood doping or meeting a secret Kenyan fitness guru for tips on proper preparation.

Rather I haven't been honest because I haven't been consistent. Not in my training, but in my message. I have yet to miss a single workout or training day, which is great, but the picture I paint of the process is false.

I designed this training log as a means for people to see my journey, day in and day out, of running the NYC marathon. When I train multiple times a week (sometimes a day) and don't write out my progress, I present to you a false narrative.

Recently I read through my training log and realized that it reads like an Instagram feed. It highlights all of the - well highlights. But it doesn't show the daily struggles, the daily hustle, the daily grind. And that can be highly misleading.

So from now on, I will update this log on a daily basis. Whether I am exhausted from work, in another country, or laying on a hospital bed, I will update this log daily until Marathon Day.

The small daily progressions lead to the long-term successes. I can't misrepresent that. I can't.