Day 18: I Was Cheated & Lied To

Day 18: June 3 I was cheated & lied to.

Today was the day. Had to be the day. The day that everything crashed. I completely lost it. My world lost all of its meaning. I snapped.

Ok, I'll stop being so dramatic...

I went into the gym today at around 5:30 am for a nice workout to start my day before I had to go pick up a client in the boondocks. Typically the gym is relatively empty at that time with a few 9-5ers coming in later. I'm used to having the entire gym to myself actually. All of the machines, all of the dumbbells, and the glorious, glorious  rack.

I love my gym. It is a low-key, but very nice and practical, gym. Extremely versatile equipment, open 24/7, and everyone cleans up beautifully after themselves. In fact, I've never seen a single item, weight, or piece of equipment out of place. I once left my water bottle in the corner of the weight room and found it there, in the same exact spot, 2 days later.

It's located in a shopping center, so its extremely small, but has just what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. What this also means, is that there is only one rack and one barbell.

So when I walked into the gym this morning at 5:30, I was a little startled to not only find someone in the gym, but also using the rack! The saleslady told me this would never happen! I couldn't believe someone was using the rack! My rack! The nerve of them!

Ok, I'll stop being dramatic again.

I started my warm up while he was busy squatting. After I finished my warm up, I went over, introduced myself to Kyle, asked if I could work in, and proceeded with my work out as usual. Crazy how being cordial with people works right?