Day 19: The Sunrise Surprise

Day 19: June 4 Today I woke up around 4:30 am eager to tackle the day ahead and take another small step towards my goals. I fished across the nightstand for my glasses, grabbed yesterdays Nike socks, and grabbed old reliable - my dusty pair of New Balances.

Going downstairs, I grabbed my phone and headphones from the hallway. As I walked towards the front door I tried to set and visualize goals. I was looking to run around 5 miles, preferably through the adjacent neighborhood. I wanted to keep my pace less than 8:30/mile. And I wanted to finish up while watching the sunrise.

Opening the front door, I was quickly confronted by a slight mistake I made. It was pitch black outside.

I went back inside and made a quick note in my planner to buy a headlamp.

When you run with headphones you largely lose a very important sense, your hearing. Other runners, animals, and even cars become muted to the sounds of Jazmine Sullivan errr...Migos. You become disconnected from your surroundings. Losing both my sight to darkness and my ears to music did not seem like a wise decision to me.

Until I could somewhat see well outside, I waited inside, planned my day out, wrote down a few moments of gratitude, and read a few pages of How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Around 5:20 I began a completely random warm-up and series of dynamic stretches. I set out on my jog and hoped to see the sunrise near the end of my run. Around mile 3, I was suddenly surprised.

I realized that it had been overcast with a slight mist the entire time.

There wasn't going to be a sunrise today.