Day 20: Running Through The 6

Day 20: June 5 Today I woke up scared.

When I have important obligations in the early morning, usually anything before 9, I tend to suddenly wake-up feeling afraid. I think it's because I don't use an alarm clock, so my mind jolts me awake when I have something important and tries to get me going.

I stayed up last night to watch the NBA Finals (Hopefully Kyrie doesn't become another D-Rose) and went to sleep relatively late. Just before 6 I woke up afraid that I had overslept and forgotten to take my parents to the airport. But I was fine. Their flight didn't leave until 9:45.

I grabbed my things and made my way over to the gym. I finished my audiobook on the way (was a good one, may make The List) and got there ready to move.

Rushed through most of my workout, added in a few accessory exercises, and did some light cardio. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be on StrongLifts. I forgot simply how boring it can be. Don't get me wrong it's a wonderful program for getting stronger, but it gets repetitive real quick. I like switch things up. A little variety in my training. Explosive and fast this time. Slow and controlled next time. Pendlay rows this time. Dumbbell rows the next.

After lifting I skipped some rope (I should probably buy a speed rope) and headed back home. Took a quick shower and then drove my parents to the airport. They're going to Toronto. Meanwhile I'll be here.

Didn't even get a chance to run through the 6.