Day 21: Downtown Adventures

Day 21: June 6 Saturday mornings are a beautiful time.

Most people are home - usually sleeping in. It is the perfect moment to enjoy a well-deserved break from the previous 5 day routine. Everyone moves slightly slower, as if they are only now realizing the beauty surrounding their limited time. As if they are seeing everything for the first time.

Construction workers take their time walking to work. Barbers sit outside of their shops, deep in contemplation while waiting for customers. Downtown drivers are a lot less aggressive in their driving.

Everything is quiet. Almost on the verge of eerily quiet. But it is that mellow, quiet environment that is the best to run in.

Most training programs have Saturdays as the LR days. LRs are long runs, typically the longest run of the week, done at a slightly slower pace, and home to most of the accumulated mileage. For my training, the Saturday LRs will be anywhere from 1/3 - 1/2+ of my weekly mileage.

Since these runs are such a large proportion of my weekly mileage & form the foundation of building the endurance necessary to run the entirety of a marathon, I would like to enjoy them. Today I decided to run through downtown Richmond.

It was awesome.

I lived in and around Richmond for the majority of my life, but haven't explored the city on the level I did today. Nike says I clocked 8:25/mile for 7.2 miles (not bad, but I could have done a lot better), but running 7 miles around the city with no specific destination was eye-opening. It was different than driving to a specific cafe, or meeting up with a friend at a certain restaurant, or walking down to the thrift shop. I had no destination in mind and thus my mind wasn't occupied worrying about the end, I lived in the moment. I was able to take the time to truly take notice of and appreciate the places & people, the sights & sounds.

I felt like a tourist in my own home.