Day 22: They Left Me Alone

Day 23: June 7 Today is Sunday & is typically scheduled as a rest day. Sitting at home I was getting really restless and decided to relax my mind by going to the gym for a bit. I just did my LR yesterday and didn't want to do anything too serious, just get some blood flowing and body moving.

I got to the gym at around 10 am and was greeted by a joyful middle-aged man leaving (Southern hospitality at its finest). After walking in, I did a quick warm-up on jump rope and headed to the stationary bike.

For the first 15 minutes or so I didn't really notice my surroundings. I am a couple of chapters deep into my new audiobook, Walden (a serious contender for the list), and got a little too invested in the story. After 15 minutes, the chapter ended and I went to switch to my music.

It was then that I realized that I was alone.

That isn't particularly weird or unusual. It's happened multiple times where I am the only one there for the entirety of my workout. In fact, I would guess that during the majority of my gym sessions I am alone. But I also usually workout at pretty obscure times, 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning.

But it was 10 A.M. On a Sunday. It's not like I showed up during the Super Bowl or NBA Finals (Who you got tonight?), but mid morning on a Sunday. I could be wrong, and often am, but I thought this would be primetime at the gym. Early in the day. No obligations. No excuses.

It just felt weird. For me to be there in the middle of the day alone. I expected more people, someone. 

But nope,

They Left Me Alone