Day 23: Lifetime Fitness

Day 23: June 8, 2015 Today I decided that I no longer want to run SL 5x5

SL is structured for people looking to strength train. I'm training for a marathon, not a powerlifting meet. My training needs to be structured around the marathon, not aesthetics or breaking PRs in the gym.

This doesn't mean that I will stop all lifting and atrophy into a prepubescent boy again, but rather that the focus of my lifting will shift. I'll still lift on my designated days, but instead of following a concrete routine, I'll only set target muscle groups and do whatever I want to hit them.

If I had planned to do weighted dips but my shoulders were a little cold, I could substitute in narrow pushups or narrow bench press.

Since my goal is not to get stronger, but to run the marathon, I need to realign my actions to fall in line with my goals.

If I continued to lift with an emphasis on strength training and not marathon training, I would act outside of my goals. I would probably do something stupid and progress an injury. I wouldn't be starting with the end in mind. I need to start practicing lifetime fitness. Looking at fitness from a long-term perspective and my general health and well-being in the long run. And for that to occur, my actions in the gym must match my set goals.

To succeed, I need to have a congruency of practices and guiding principles.

I need to practice lifetime fitness