Day 25: A Nice Boxer

Day 25: June 10 Today I got into the gym at around 6am. I should have gotten there a lot earlier but NBA Finals.

When I got to the gym I was the only one there. I headed to the bench and got a few sets in before another guy comes in. I wasn't really paying him any mind and finished my sets. Afterwards I switched to deadlifts.

As I turned to put the bar on the floor, I noticed the other guy in the middle of an extremely elaborate routine. I was intrigued so I was watching him while adding plates to the bar. I have no idea what he was doing, but it looked like a military routine.

After I finished deadlifts and pull-ups, I wanted to jump rope for a few minutes and headed to the designated area. I rounded the corner and see the same guy hitting the punching bag in the area. He was nice.

He was taking a breather and I grabbed the jump rope. I was jumping for a bit when he asked if I would like some advice. He told me to bring down my elbows slightly and helped fixed my form.

He turned out to be an amateur boxer. So I guess I'm just pretty happy that I'm getting better at jumping rope now.