Day 26: Sleeping Sickness

Day 26: June 11 I'm starting to get tired.

Over the past week I've averaged 5.5 hours of sleep a night. To many people that is more than enough. Just stop by any college campus during Finals and try to keep tabs on the people studying. You'll probably see the same guy/girl reading at 4pm and 4am.

Being sleep deprived has actually dissolved into a socially acceptable race to the bottom of the barrel. Everyone wants to one-up the other and do so by claiming to have slept less than you last night. People relate staying up late with being productive and that the less you sleep, the more productive you are.

While this can be true for the 1% of people who have mastered the art of a 24 hour day, it doesn't necessarily hold for the majority. Staying up late usually indicates a lack of organization, prioritization, and efficiency (Or NBA Finals if you stay up to watch them like me)

I personally value my sleep very highly. I need a full nights rest to mentally and physically prepare myself for each individual day. Of course I can function on less sleep, but why operate on 50% the ENTIRE day instead of sleeping an additional couple hours?

After a string of short nights, I woke up today feeling sore and fatigued. It took me an extra 30 minutes to fully feel awake, but I still got my run in. I HAVE to fix my sleeping pattern though.

I can't suffer from Sleeping Sickness.