Day 28: Saturday Struggles

Day 28: June 13  

Nature has a way of ensuring balance. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A Saturday night out is met by a Sunday morning hangover. A string of short sleeps leads to a Saturday morning struggle run.

I must have been running on the last of my energy reserves yesterday because today I felt dead. I'm thinking that my mind tried to trick me into being extra productive yesterday so that I would get exhausted and immediately sleep. Well that didn't work out.

After 6:30 hours of sleep, I felt a little sore and tight in the morning. As it was Saturday, I went running through a different part of Richmond which was amazing. I ran across the Robert E. Lee Memorial Bridge watching the sunrise and strolled through the Virginia War Memorial.

Around mile 3, I began cramping. That, combined with the ridiculous weight of sweat on my chest, made it an uncomfortable journey and I began to lose my mental strength. Although I planned to run a 10k, I stopped at mile 5.

I was extremely disappointed in myself. Not for necessarily not making the 10k (progress over perfection), but that was solely responsible for it. I couldn't blame anyone but myself for not getting the rest necessary to fully complete my run.

Although I had outside influences, I actually turned down going to a party last night specifically for this run, it was ultimately my internal decision. And I obviously didn't choose the right thing by staying up for not keeping up with my sleep.

Now that I accepted this fact, I am able to forgive myself, understand it a part of a grander process, and search for ways to fix it.