Ramadan Chronicles: Don't Taze Me Bro

Day 40: June 25  

Unfortunately, I am terrified of the police. I really wish I wasn't, but I am. Every since I was a child I have been afraid of the police. I just can't see them as they are, paid community service members. I'm not positive, but it may have something to do with the fact that I am a young, black, muslim male.


Most police officers are good people. Most (if not all) people are good people. But even if 1 out of every 100 police officers are corrupt, that is too many. I can't instinctively differentiate between the majority good and the few bad apples. So I must treat all officers with the same caution, especially given the consequences if I do happen to run into one of the rare bad apples.


As I was approaching the parking lot of the gym today, I noticed a police officer sitting in the parking lot. Naturally I became hypersensitive and focused all attention on not drawing attention. Slightly difficult given that I was one of the only drivers on the road at 3 AM.


The second I pulled into the lot, the officer turned on his lights and zoomed across the entire parking lot directly towards me.


I was shook.


All I wanted to do was run a few miles on the treadmill and still have time to eat and drink before my fast would begin at 4:15 AM.


Luckily, he zoomed right passed me and onto the road to seemingly respond to a call.


A few minutes later I am dying of laughter thinking what would happen if he stopped me and I found myself on the ground yelling,


Don't Taze Me Bro!