Ramadan Chronicles: Feelings Don't Matter

Day 41: June 26  

I was NOT feeling it today. I woke up at 2:30 AM and promptly fell right back to sleep. Maybe my subconscious couldn't let me fail like that or I was just hungry from a weak dinner last night, but I didn't make it past 3.


I did not feel like going to the gym at all! Instead I went downstairs and scarfed down Peanut Butter PopTarts (They are amazing!) until I felt guilty and decided to reach for a protein bar. By 3:15 I was pretty certain that going to lift weights was a failed mission and so I did the only sensible thing - stay up and eat more!


I went back to sleep from 6 to 10, but throughout the entire rest of the day, I knew that I had messed up and let myself down. My feelings got in the way of my actions and I had to correct it. I can't lie to myself.


Around 7 PM I made my way to the gym and got in a crazy good workout. Seems like a Disney ending, but I actually broke a deadlift PR - even though I am 15 pounds into a cut.


Just goes to show.