Ramadan Chronicles: Bodyweight Inspired

Day 12 (57): June 12  

Went into the gym at around 3 AM and did something a little different today. I didn't do any of my usual compound lifts. Instead I decided to try out bodyweight fitness.


I've always been a fan of bodyweight fitness. The level of coordination, flexibility, and raw STRENGTH required for some of the moves is something to marvel and really quite different from doing a typical bench press or deadlift. I really want to explore the bodyweight fitness more and I thought why not today?


I don't know many bodyweight exercises or progressions, so I did what I know - pull-ups and dips. I warmed up and knocked out a few reps of each, but I missed the iron and compromised by doing weighted pull-ups and weighted dips.


Not 100% bodyweight, but I'm working towards it.