Ramadan Chronicles: I Couldn't Be Making This Up

Day 10 (55): June 10  



My training log for today is going to sound like a page ripped straight out of the playbook on children's movie, but it truly panned out this way. Rare instances like these is probably where Disney screenwriters get the inspiration for their stories.


Friday is scheduled as my rest day before the 7 miler I am supposed to run Saturday morning. Only problem was that I have to catch a flight to Istanbul in the morning and wouldn't be able to make the run normally. To make sure I stay true to my word (and my commitment to charity), I decided to just run Friday night and rest as much as possible beforehand.


Now on my long runs I like to head to a new area in Richmond and get lost. It breaks up the monotony of my routine and makes things more interesting - an adventure. And an adventure it certainly was.


The second I got in the car to head downtown, it started raining. And not just normal rain, a downpour. Thankfully it was quick and gave way by the time I got to an interesting-looking part of town. When I arrived I quickly began my warmup incase it was going to rain again. Near the end of my warm up, a nickel caught my eye and I put it in my pocket. Lucky me.


I started my jog really slow and tried to ease into it even though it is hard to not just start running. The jog was going relatively well with a few cramps early on, but they didn't last long; that was, until near the end of the fourth mile, I got an extremely painful cramp.


Immediately I slowed down. A LOT. When I slowed down, the nickel that had been in my pocket smacked my leg and I realized it was there again. I checked my Garmin and I was at 4.94 miles in. I knew I had to continue - at least until mile 5.


Something about the nickel, almost being at mile 5, and a bit of Disney magic created this magnificent scene in my head of me doing more than I think I can as I ran across the Robert E. Lee Bridge in a picturesque sunset over the James River and Belle Isle.


That or I had some serious runner's high going on.


I finished off the rest alright, but my times are all over the place.


Tomorrow, Turkey.


Mile 1: 9:16 Mile 2: 8:58 Mile 3: 7:25 (Maybe a little TOO fast) Mile 4: 8:13 Mile 5:10:25 (BONK!) Mile 6: 9:53 (ease back into it) Mile 7: 9:29

Total Time: 1:03:40