Ramadan Chronicles: Why Am I So Sore?

Day 14 (59): June 14  

When I reached for my phone to turn off my alarm today, I immediately regretted it. The soreness was too real. I'm not particularly sure why I am so sore since yesterday was a rest day and I went to bed feeling fine, but this morning was brutal.


I slowly made my way to the gym and got there just shy of 3 AM. I spent 30 minutes warming up (which is longer than the run) and trying to get the blood moving to alleviate some of the sore. Not sure if it worked since I'm typing this still sore, but c'est la vie.


Was running on the treadmill and missed reading the 3 mile split, so this is the data I have.


Mile 1: 9:13

Mile 2: 8:28

Mile 3: ?

5K: 26:06