Running Across The Globe (Turkey): Sight-Seeing and Trail Spotting

Day 20 (65): June 20  

I hate tourists.


By visiting another land, culture, and peoples, you could consider me a tourist - but I'm not. Call me a hipster, but I don't like to visit famous landmarks or go to crowded tourist attractions such as Taksim Square. When I visit a new place, I try my best to submerse myself into the culture and really get to know how the day to day life of a typical resident is.


Accordingly, I don't plan on visiting the Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque. I spent most of the day exploring around town to find cafe's (with WiFi!) in the cut and spots off the beaten path. This also meant that I got to check out how running here will be.


God help me. The entire place is extremely steep hills. My legs are going to hate me by the end of this week. But a commitment is a commitment...