Oh Lordy, what have I gotten myself into? This is where I plan to keep a log of my training so that you can follow along and see my progress. As we set out to accomplish a sub-4 Hr finish, remember the small daily progressions that amassed into a 26.2 mile victory.

This is only the beginning.

Day 1: The Ceremonial Run

Day 4: It is HOT!

Day 7: The Sweaty Chronicles

Day 11: Anytime Fitness

Day 17: Consistency

Day 18: I Was Cheated & Lied To

Day 19: The Sunrise Surprise

Day 20: Running Through The 6

Day 21: Downtown Adventures

Day 22: They Left Me Alone

Day 23: Lifetime Fitness

Day 24: Treadmill Warrior

Day 25: A Nice Boxer

Day 26: Sleeping Sickness

Day 27: Opportunities Abound

Day 28: Saturday Struggles

Day 29: Houston,

Day 30: We Have

Day 31: A

Day 32: Problem

Day 33: Ramadan Chronicles: Get Fast on a Fast

Day 34: Ramadan Chronicles: Surprise! Surprise!

Day 35: Ramadan Chronicles: 1/10

Day 36: Ramadan Chronicles: A Day to Recoup

Day 37: Ramadan Chronicles: Company

Day 38: Ramadan Chronicles: Hal Higdon

Day 39: Ramadan Chronicles: Sleeping Sickness Pt. 2

Day 40: Ramadan Chronicles: Don't Taze Me Bro

Day 41: Ramadan Chronicles: Feelings Don't Matter

Day 42: Ramadan Chronicles: Rolling In The Deep

Day 43: Ramadan Chronicles: Phase 1 Complete

Day 44: Ramadan Chronicles: Day 1?

Day 45: Ramadan Chronicles: First Run

Day 46: Ramadan Chronicles: 2-A-Day

Day 47: Ramadan Chronicles: Cramps Continue

Day 48: Ramadan Chronicles: Casual Lifting

Day 49: Ramadan Chronicles: The Long Run

Day 50: Ramadan Chronicles: Nope

Day 51: Ramadan Chronicles: So Sore

Day 52: Ramadan Chronicles: Week Two?

Day 53: Ramadan Chronicles: Oh Well...

Day 54: Ramadan Chronicles: Re-Arranging Furniture

Day 55: Ramadan Chronicles: I Couldn't Be Making This Up

Day 56: Ramadan Chronicles: Turkey?

Day 57: Ramadan Chronicles: Bodyweight Inspired

Day 58: Ramadan Chronicles: The Return of The Yogi

Day 59: Ramadan Chronicles: Why Am I So Sore?

Day 60: Ramadan Chronicles: Playing on Easy Mode

Day 61: Ramadan Chronicles: The Last Day

Day 62: Eid

Day 63: Running Across The Globe: To Turkey!

Day 64: Running Across The Globe (Turkey): Enough Cross-Training

Day 65: Running Across The Globe (Turkey): Sight-Seeing and Trail Spotting