Reading is one of the fundamental joys of life. When we read we are given special access keys to the minds of the greatest thinkers, innovators, and achievers of all time. It opens up the door way to a new world of knowledge from a perspective that we yet to explore. Paraphrasing Tai Lopez, if I told you that Mohammed, Charles Darwin, and Martin Luther King Jr. were going to be at my home this evening, would you be intrigued? Well they are, and they reside on the bookshelves lined throughout my home. Each piece of their writing is a door directly into their thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. It is the master cultivation of their thinking efforts. A direct shortcut to knowlege.

The Book Club was designed for LifestyleExpanders to have access to thought-provoking ideas, surround themselves with like-minded individuals, and foster an arena of successful thinking. By subscribing to The Book Club, you will receive an email once a month with The Book of The Month and access to weekly reading updates.

The Book Club is different in that you will NEVER have to read more than 15 minutes a day!

You read that right. You will NEVER have to read more than 15(ish) minutes a day to finish The Book of The Month. That is literally 1% of your day! You can afford it! Consistency will lead to success!

The Book Club is a socially centered structure. Conversation, debate, and differing perspectives are not only encouraged, but necessary! If you can't defend your point of view against opposing views, how can you be confident in your opinion? Being challenged from multiple angles will not only expose you to other modes of thinking, but create a deeper and more thorough understanding of your own notions.

The Book Club aims not to only foster discussion on the what, but also the why. Go beyond the obvious and evident and enter the realm of reasoning. Question Why! Invite your friends to read these books alongside you and hold each other accountable to read! The more people involved, the more different interpretations of the text you will have and the more you can expand your understand and subsequently, your lifestyles.

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